Margarete Bundschu
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Munich County


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Beginner Hula Course
Here you will learn a complete dance!

10x Thursdays 19:00h – 20:15h
Price: 200 € (single days 25 €)

Mother and daughter hula

Dance together with your daughter and strengthen and nourish the relationship in a whole new way!

10x Wednesdays 17:30h – 18:45h
Price: 200 € (single days 25 €)

Advanced / All Level
You dance with women who have been dancing hula for different lengths of time.
Refinement of foot, arm, hand and head movements
Timing and rhythm is strengthened

10x Mondays 18:15h – 20:15h
Price: 200 € (single days 25 €)

Individual coaching

In Hula there are different levels that can be trained.
Discover new powers and qualities

You would like to get intensively involved in

Ukulele playing with singing
Ipu drum play

30 min 45€
45 min 60€
60 min 75€

10 er card 30 min 399€
10 er card 45 min 550€
10 er card 60 min 680€


Talk to us, we will be happy to create for you performances for evening events,
Parties, birthdays and weddings