“Hula is more than a dance,
the movements and the inner attitude
are a declaration of love to the universe”

Margarete Bundschu


Learn hula
Online and offline


Harmony, beauty and grace

Mother and daughter

Dance together with your daughter.
Presence lessons in Munich.

All Level / Advanced

Refinement, grace and grace


Margarete Bundschu

“Hula is the heartbeat of Hawaii”.

Let yourself be enchanted by effervescent joie de vivre and Alohaspirit!

For centuries the Hawaiians have been handing down
Their myths and legends through hula dances.
You danced hula in nature at sacred places for your ancestors
and thus kept the connection to your ancestors and the culture.

Hula is
joie de vivre – movement – community – dance – permeability grace – traditional knowledge – flexibility – rhythm – alohaspirit

Hula promotes the desire to move, harmonizes and activates the life energy.


I really like your hula classes and I love how you individually approach and correct each of us. I especially like that you pass on the Aloha Spirit even though we are not in the same room, also through Zoom and you make the lessons very holistic by explaining the music and the dance steps and various Huna aspects, among other things.

It's really great that you sing, play the ukulele, tell us the steps and at the same time dance along in a mirror image! I think that's really admirable!

I'm learning new things about listening to the music and the movement, so your classes are a great fit for me as we learn a lot about doing. I would very much like to stay involved with the hula and also like to come by for a live weekend class!

I've been doing it since 2004 and I can't imagine my life without Hula.
The combination of rhythm, dance, singing and the work on expression challenges but makes happy!
Ms. Bundschu is a trained dancer & choreographer and imparts her knowledge beyond hula.
The dancing in the group and the feeling when everyone is swinging in harmony is great!!!

Having previously taught face-to-face classes at Hula for many years, Margarete's tireless
Zoom lessons saved from going into hula withdrawal!
Although, of course, the closeness of the group is missing, which also supports you when you make mistakes, you see each other now.
himself - quasi , like in a mirror - in the screen, and notices much earlier, if the motion sequences still
are not so optimal, or you are happy when it finally fits properly. At least that's how I feel.
Many dances can be repeated and deepened and get the final touch, questions always goes,
and besides, also new dances are taught with a lot of heart and endless patience.
All of them seem to enjoy it as much as ever and so the group remains intact.

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