Hula – Wonderwoman and Hula Kahiko Pose

Power poses against insecurity – Be confident
The Wonderwoman position and the Hula Kahiko position are identical!

One way you can easily change your emotions is through your body!!! With the change of posture and movement also change your thoughts
and feelings.
Research at Harvard University, led by Amy Cuddy, has shown that spending a few minutes in a power pose can drastically change your emotions. This is due to the fact that our muscles are connected to our brain. The moment you get into a power movement, the muscles give messengers to your brain and symbolize – YOU are happy!

Imagine dancing hula for an hour and constantly going from power pose to power pose. “Dancing makes you happy” WHY?

We can consciously evoke emotions with our body

Amy Cuddy found that standing or moving in power poses for a few minutes increases the hormones responsible for self-confidence by 20% and lowers the stress hormone cortisone by 25%. If you feel insecure or negative old beliefs come up, dance the hula for a few minutes, smiling and swinging your pelvis.

You can also “just” stand in the starting position of Hula Kahiko.

The starting position of Wonderwoman and Hula Kahiko is exactly the same!

Power pose 1: Your bent arms are at your waist, elbows pointing outward. You are deeply rooted and stand shoulder width on the ground.
Power pose 2: Your outstretched arms point to the sky. You look up. You stand shoulder width on the ground and are deeply rooted.

The Neurophysiological
Interrelationships are measurable nowadays.
The wise ancient cultures knew about this fantastic effect for a very long time.

Move your pelvis and let go

In all ancient cultures, the seat of our powerhouse is in the pelvis. Our western research also confirms this fact nowadays. All large and fine muscles are connected to our pelvis

We know that muscle tension and stress have become companions of everyday life and are always associated with muscle contraction. All the more important to seek balance. A very effective method is and remains to get the powerhouse, our pelvis, moving.

Ami Ami – circle your pelvis – circle yourself free!

Ami Ami says our hula teacher, let go of everything that weighs you down and keeps you busy. Ami it away, let go and come fully into the moment. Ami is one of the various basic hula steps or movements. They are circular movements with your pelvis.

AMI AKAU are horizontal circular movement
of the hips counterclockwise

AMI HEMA are horizontal circular movement
of the hips clockwise

Do you want to increase your power and be happier?

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